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StorageWeek is returning from a brief hiatus to bring you new directions, new content, and a fresh new approach to storage, networking, computing and other issues. While we're still looking at Enterprise Computing, we're broadening our coverage to include SOHO, Desktop and other computing, and to look at technologies that interest us -- and our readers.

You'll find articles that explore display technologies; articles related to consumer electronic devices (such as the reviews of Android phones in progress), reviews of portable storage devices, and other technologies of interest.

We'll soon be adding a blog, and broaden our Social Networking presence. 

...and we're doing this all for you. 

If you have ideas for coverage, comments, or want to help support us, please email us.

The Editors of StorageWeek.



Reviews Planned:

Imation RDX -- Imation USB RDX Docking Station and 500 GB cartridges.  An interesting concept claiming the simplicity of tape and the performance of disk.

Android Phones -- HTC Inspire (Desire) 4G and Samsung Infuse 4G.  We're still waiting to add iPhone to our review list.

ToughTech Duo -- Portable RAID 0 and 1 storage device.  Multiple interfaces. 

Hitachi USB 3 Portable Drive -- An interesting, highly portable USB 3 drive.  USB3 performance is pretty amazing.

StarTech USB 3 Drive Dock -- Docking adapter for up to four SATA drives.

Ciphertex Drives -- Ciphertex makes some interesting drives and arrays with hardware keys and 256-bit encryption.  We plan to look at some portables (and maybe a RAID array) 



Future Features:

New Technologies:  We'll look at a long list of new (or recent) technologies and predict how they'll impact storage and computing.  Digital Ink is a new favorite -- as are some of the new bar codes -- will the twains meet?

LTFS -- While not exactly new, the new feature on LTO5 provides some interesting benefits -- and some vendors are taking extra advantage.  We'll see how they're leveraging the technology.

Beyond 2.2 TB -- Although they quietly appeared on the market, 3 TB and larger hard drives pose some major problems for users of Windows-based systems.  We'll look at these issues - and may even explore some workarounds.



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